Green Smoothie…for the whole family!

Start your day off with this green smoothie! Don’t worry…it doesn’t taste so green! My kids and husband have no clue I put spinach in it. REALLY!

Great way to pack in the nutrient-rich greens, antioxidants, fat and protein.

I wish my husband and children would have my taste buds but we aren’t quite there with the kids and I am not sure my husband will ever completely come over to my side. So, this is a great smoothie that they all drink! I put just enough spinach in so that it stays purple. Then I pour their cups, add another handful of spinach and blend for my really green smoothie.

Rotate your ingredients! My Creamy Coconut Milk and Delicious Almond Milk are perfect for these smoothies! Try different nut butters too. My favorite right now is a walnut cashew.


Green Smoothie 2
Green Smoothie Girl

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Green Smoothie...for the whole family!
  1. Pour all ingredients into blender and blend.
  2. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

Use organic ingredients if possible. By Tracy Posillico

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Green Smoothie…for the whole family!


Hi! I am Tracy Posillico. Our lives were turned right-side up when our daughter was diagnosed with cancer. We learned to eat better, live well and love hard. Follow me as I raise funds as awareness for Pediatric Cancer and share my love of Health. Always BELIEVE-ing

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