Are You Getting Your Calcium?!

Do you eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet with a lot of plant-based foods? Then you intake enough calcium! You do not necessarily have to consume dairy. Calcium from dark leafy greens actually has a higher absorption rate than calcium from dairy products!

So, how do you get your family to eat this stuff?!

My tips and tricks:
• Leave raw nuts and seeds on the countertop for grazing.
• Cut up oranges so they are readily available.
• Add flax seeds and chia seeds to smoothies.
• Add chia seeds and raisins to oatmeal. One tablespoon of black strap molasses will increase nutrients and flavor too!
• Cut up and toss figs, dates or apricots into salads.
• Stuff spinach, collard greens or kale into soups.
• Add white beans, navy beans, black-eyed peas or pinto beans to soups and salads.
• Quinoa dishes are so easy! Takes 12 minutes to cook and you can add beans, veggies, corn, nuts and more!
• Tahini (sesame seed paste, looks like peanut butter). Add a little to hummus, salad dressings or dips.
• Use almond butter on cut up slices of apples, in smoothies or on toast.
• Raw spinach, bok choy or arugula salads.
• Sprinkle sesame seeds onto foods. Delicious on stir-fries.
• Eat some broccoli.
• Add garlic to food.
• Kiwi!
• Sauté dark leafy greens.
• The occasional organic tofu sautéed with garlic, shoyu sauce and coconut oil.

3 Calcium-Filled Recipes
Tracy’s Favorite Trail Mix
Arugula and Fig Salad
Avery’s Favorite Hummus

Are You Getting Your Calcium?!


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