It took so long to get here…

I dreamt of this photo since the day we got married. As I reflect back, our journey was longer, more difficult and much more rewarding than I ever thought possible. Somehow we survived. 3.5 years ago when our eldest daughter, Whitney, passed away, we were left to live in a world that didn’t seem right. A world without a piece of us. It was just he and I again and the emptiness and sadness was tremendous. Slowly, each miracle baby added hope, joy, giggles and understanding back into our lives.

We have four children, not 3. Our hearts are full of happiness with each of them and a depth of gratitude we can probably only understand because of the sadness that one of them is an angel. It feels as if it took so long to get here. Time moved a little slower especially in the days soon after Whitney’s death. But we made it. We survived and the family we created, the bond we made stronger is proof of our success.

Even when a situation seems impossible to overcome, you can somehow make it through with the love and help of others. It doesn’t seem so at first and it may never be the same again but it is a new normal. You can still find so much joy and happiness in each of those “new normal” days.

It took so long to get here….Maybe you feel that way now that you made it. Or you might be at the beginning of a journey you know will be long. It may be a difficult path but you will find your way through it.

Always BELIEVE-ing…

The day #2 & #3 met #4. Almost complete…👼🏼

It took so long to get here...

It took so long to get here…


Hi! I am Tracy Posillico. Our lives were turned right-side up when our daughter was diagnosed with cancer. We learned to eat better, live well and love hard. Follow me as I raise funds as awareness for Pediatric Cancer and share my love of Health. Always BELIEVE-ing

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