My truth is my strength

This time of year is hard. Whitney’s 4th birthday is next Sunday, the 27th. The same day as the Whit Whit Walk 5K. These are the days I walk around with a large lump in my throat. The emptiness in my heart seems so dark. The pain in my chest physically hurts. I feel as if any moment could bring me to my knees in a complete full-body sob. Eventually, it will. The tension will be too much and I will release it. I will cry and I will then remember the good times and the smiles. I will look into my children’s eyes and see Whitney’s facial expressions and spirit. I will BELIEVE again.

So I give myself a minute to relax on the grass and look at the sky. To feel, to cry and then I get up again to live. If you see me in town, I’ll be passing out flyers and begging you to walk, to donate, to BELIEVE!

This is my truth and it is my strength.



Hi! I am Tracy Posillico. Our lives were turned right-side up when our daughter was diagnosed with cancer. We learned to eat better, live well and love hard. Follow me as I raise funds as awareness for Pediatric Cancer and share my love of Health. Always BELIEVE-ing

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